1. AI powered outbound solar sales calls

Artificial Intelligent Agent making up to 60.000 outbound calls to your Opted-in prospect list

AI agent can answer hundreds of customer questions and have a dialogue with your prospect
Appointments are made by the AI agent and emailed to you as soon as they are booked
You will only pay for calls that are answered
This requires minimum set up and monthly commitments

1.1. AI powered digital and telecom solar sales

Custom configured Artificial Intelligent Agent to

Make outbound calls
Answer inbound sales calls
Interact with customers on all digital ads. Example FB ads, Instagram ads, Google ads (imagine talking FB ads!)
Interact with customers on digital media such as your website, landing pages, emails (imagine emails that can talk)
The AI agent is adoptable to your specific business data such as, appointment hours, products and pricing
The AI Agent, can answer hundreds of industry specific questions ranging from products to financing
The AI agent can set up appointments with direct integration to your schedule calendar
The AI Agent can generate scientific solar proposal based on customer's conversation in an instant
The AI Agent can send the proposal link to your customer via email and SMS
The AI Agent can also provide EV savings and energy needs calculation
The AI Agent is also intergraded on all proposal to answer customers questions anytime they view the proposal

This level of AI integration will eliminate/reduce your cost of staff, training and commission pay outs in the following areas:
Customer Service
Inside Sales
Our Artificial Intelligent Agent will have a better performance and much lower cost.

1.2. Website integration with CRM, CCM, Sales Force Automation

Includes all capabilities detailed on AI powered digital and telecom solar sales listed above, plus

Industry specific website with AI integration
Intergraded CRM
Intergraded CCM with SMS and Email drip campaign ability
SFA Sales and opportunity tracking
Intergraded VoIP
This is a comprehensive package for any business. Usually, several different applications with monthly or annual membership fees are required to perform all the tasks that we perform in one application. As an example, a business will need a Funnel to track their lead capture, a CRM to manage their leads, a CCM for their email and customer contact and sales tracking and a website.

2. AI for Realtors

A busy realtor can't answer his/her phone at all the times. Our AI Realtor can

Answer all inbound calls and make appointments
Be present on all listing sites to answer specific questions about a listing, Set private showing appointments and inform clients on Open house dates
The AI Realtor is an interactive replica of the human realtor programmed based on individual inputs from the human Realtor.
A Realtor could now have:
24/7/365 presence in all his/her ads
24/7/365 presence to present his/her listings
To silicate for new listings by utilizing our Outbound Call AI Realtor agent

The AI Realtor agent can set up appointments and email the human Realtor as they occur

    3. Custom AI for your business

    We can create a custom AI Agent for your business to help in your inside sales, telemarketing, customer service, product launch, advertising, or any other of your business that you would like to streamline.

    If you can train a human to do it, we can train our Artificial Intelligent Human to do it better with less cost.

    Summary of our products

    • Outbound call agent You can use our outbound Call AI Agent. We can make up to 60,000 daily calls per AI agent to your Opted-In prospect list. You only pay a flat fee for answered calls. This is an appointment setting campaign. The AI Agent is trained with industry specific information and can have an intelligent diallage with your prospect before setting an appointment. Scheduled appointments are immediately emailed to you.
    • Digital and telecom AI Agent The Artificial Intelligent Agent is present in all your digital and telecom environment such as websites, advertising, telemarketing and sales. Your business data including products, pricing and appointment calendar are fully intergraded. The AI Agent can, produce proposals, set appointments, answer questions, make telemarketing outbound calls and answer all your inbound sales calls. Keep in mind, unlike a human who can only do one task at the time, Our AI Agent can answer multiple calls, make multiple calls and have online dialogue with multiple clients at the same time 24/7/365
    • Total business SaaS intergration All Digital and telecom AI agent capabilities intergraded into a comprehensive web business application that offers CRM, CCM, SFA, VoIP and many other business features