About IQAI™

IQAI™ is a leading conversational Artificial Intelligence Agent provider for vertical markets for customer acquisition by converting both digital and telecom media to an interactive two way dialogue between the customer and the Artificial Intelligent Agent

IQAI™ has put together several groups of smartest mind around the globe to create the first talking social media ads, websites, and customer proposals. Imagine, that your FB ad can now talk to your prospect, or your proposal will have an imbedded salesperson who is ready to answer any question on the proposal 24/7/365.

Key Directors

Abraham Valentino,

Founder & CEO


Maria Krasnov



Anand Gravies



Advantages of working with IQAI™

We are the pioneers in the field. There is no product and services like ours in the market currently. You will have a tremendous advantage over your competitions by deploying our technology.

Our AI will help you to:
Reduce your payroll and commissions,
Increases customer interaction,
gives you an unmatched presence with your clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Reduce Trianing AI agent will know your business better than any employee
  • Increase Marketing AI agent can make and answer thousands of calls simultaneously, something humans can't do
  • Better Interaction Now your website, your social media ads and your emails can talk to your customers. A two way dialogue.
  • Increase Sales Answer your prospects immediately, provide them with a proposal that has an embedded salesperson to answer your prospects questions, schedule an appointment to close the deal, on the first contact.