Vertical Markets AI Solutions


Designed for the solar industry, SolarIQ™ replaces, canvasing, sales and the telemarketing teams.


Designed to replicate a human in his profession and enable a more interactive client platforms 24/7/365.


Designed to replace outbound, inbound and customer service staff by an AI agent that answers on a first ring 24/7/365.

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Our AI convectional technology, will convert your text based website, landing pages, all digital ads including Facebook ads into an instant conversation.

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  • Software Integration Services

    We offer premium business software services intergraded with our AI technology to optimize business flows, reduce costs and increase revenues.

    WEB Integration

    Industry specific website to Keep track of all your resources

    CRM Integration

    Your customer base is one of your major assets. Use it wisely for results

    SFA Integration

    Automate your sales force to increase revenues and better manage them

    CCM Integration

    Email & SMS drip campaigns to increase customer contact.

    Web Integration Service Website Development

    Our websites are industry specific and are designed for a total information flow and active client interactions via our AI technology.

    • For startups which have less data and operations
    • For big companies with a lot of data and daily inputs
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    CRM Integration Service Customer Relationship

    It's very hard to build customer trust but, once you secure it, it will be much easier to sell something to your users. Use a good and proven solution to manage customers

    SFA Integration Service Sales Force Automation

    For field sales workers, there's nothing more important than a reliable interface to the company's knowledge base app

    • Timing is everything when you want to close a sale
    • Connection reliability is also a decisive factor

    CCM Integration Customer Contact Management

    An increased customer contact Email and SMS drip campaign will keep your message in front of your prospects. Efficiency can lead to tremendous ROI.

    Our Technology Defines Us

    Based on many years of software development experience, we serve small and medium sized companies in all tech related industries with high quality business growth services

    More Than 60 Years Expertise

    Over half of a century of combined business, technology in mangment

    Reliable Long Term Partners

    Grow with our tremendous technology advantages and our foresight

    Skilled Passionate Team

    There is no challenge that our skilled team can't overcome using technology

    Our pricing policy covers budgets for all companies without sacrificing quality


    AI AGENTS That We're Proud Of

    We enjoy creating new technologies which help reduce cost, increase productivity and generate more revenue. Our trained Artificial Intelligent Agents are the specialists on their fields, and they are always available 24/7/365


    Solar outbound telemarketer - Can make up to 60,000 calls daily and answer over 500 questions
    Click to try


    Solar inbound call sales agent - Answers all incoming inquires from digital and telecom. Can close the deal Click to try


    Solar proposal agent - Don't you wish to have a salesperson present, anytime a customer wants to view your proposal? Click to try


    Realtor - The successful Realtor can't answer his/her calls 24/7/365 on a first ring. His/her AI replica can Click to try


    Future agents - We are working hard to create future vertical market AI agents. They soon will be ready for hire Coming soon


    Custom AI agents for you - Yes, we can create a custom AI agent for you. Fill out the contact form, and will be in touch Go to form

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